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Revolutionising Micro
Insurance in Kenya

Micro Insurance Tailored made for Everyone !

In 2021, Star Discover Micro was established with the goal of providing low-income clients with a distinctively designed variety of insurance coverages for those who are unable to afford existing insurance services. By providing high-quality services, HK Microinsurance places a strong emphasis on customer happiness. The company’s first priority is providing exceptional customer service, and all of its goods and services are affordable.

Revolutionising Micro Insurance in Kenya

Time Saving, Cost Effective & Reliable.

Star Discover Micro Insurance was founded in 2021 aiming to offer uniquely designed Insuretech solutions, all over Africa. All our products are time and cost conscious as well as tech savvy. Star Discover Micro Insurance prioritizes client satisfaction by offering high value products and services that are competitively priced and ensure overall satisfaction of the clients.

Our Beliefs

Simplicity &

Innovative Client
Distribution Channels

High Value Customer
Service & Experience


How It Works

Our Business Model

Our one-stop shop offers a variety of insurance
packages, allowing users to compare insurance rates
and enroll in the plans that best suit their needs.


To be the go-to solution of insurance solutions.


To restore customers’ dignity, improve their standard of living, and increase value for our stakeholders by providing distinctive, exceptional, customer-driven, and easily accessible insurance products.

Our Team

The company is over sighted by competent Board of Directors comprising of Independent Directors and Shareholder Directors. Star Discover Micro Insurance has a team of highly skilled managers and staff driving the vision forward.